There is a groundswell of entrepreneurial energy in Charlotte and SEED20 provides a focused and guided channel for this energy. It is a conduit for opportunity!

Charlie Elberson, Reemprise Fund, SEED20 Sponsor

SEED20 and SEED20 Onstage are made possible with the help of local organizations that are aligned with our programming and the work our nonprofits can do in our community. We are currently seeking sponsors for SEED20 2020.

For more information on how you can do good by supporting SEED20 and our mission, please contact Kristin Beck ([email protected]) for more info.

Thank You to Our Sponsors!

Community Sponsors


If you love SEED20 and want to take your support of the program to another level, then becoming a Cultivator is a great way to do that! Cultivators provide financial support for SEED20 by donating $1,000 and get to enjoy an enhanced experience including two tickets to SEED20 Onstage, free parking and more.