Freshly Cut

SEED2020 Winners!

The 9th Annual SEED20 was a huge success! Our transition to SEED20 OnLine due to the COVID-19 crisis featured many firsts. With the shift to an online platform, the audience had the opportunity to select all three winners from the comfort of their own homes and computers. The viewing and voting window was expanded to 48 hours to give our audience more flexibility to tune in to the show and cast their votes. Also new this year, Tim Miner joined Matt Olin as a co-host and the duo brought their creativity and collaborative spirit to our OnLine event. What was not new this year? The presenting finalists shared their stories of transformation, hope, and change with conviction, humor and passion.

Join us in congratulating our SEED20 Class of 2020 OnLine winners!


Wells Fargo People’s Choice Grand Prize $20,000 | Transforming Youth Movement 

2nd Place Prize $7,500 | Feeding Charlotte

3rd Place Prize $2,500 | Project2Heal 

Coaches’ Award $1,000 | Prospera North Carolina

SEED20 Community Vote $1,000 | Project2Heal

And some additional great news,  through the generosity of Social Venture Partners Charlotte, every nonprofit member of the class of 2020 will receive a cash award. If they did not win another award, all semi-finalists will receive $250 and all finalists will receive $500.

Congratulations to the award winners and the entire SEED20 Class of 2020, whose flexibility, innovation and community impact continue to inspire!  We are thrilled to welcome them into our family of SEED20 Alumni!