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Social Venture Partners announces Wells Fargo as the SEED20 2020 Presenting Sponsor!

Social Venture Partners is pleased to announce Wells Fargo as the Presenting Sponsor of SEED20 2020! SEED20 is the annual program of SVP to identify, highlight, and connect the community to the region’s most promising social entrepreneurs tackling pressing challenges.

“The support of Wells Fargo has been the foundation of the SEED20 program since its inception nine years ago,” says Bleema Bershad, SVP’s Lead Partner for SEED20 2020, “and has allowed us to build and refine SEED20 into a program with deep impact that the community embraces.” 

Each year during the SEED20 program, a class of twenty participants receives two months of coaching and mentoring on how to succinctly and powerfully “tell their story”—who they are and why they matter. These efforts culminate in SEED20 OnStage, a high-energy event where ten members of the class compete to win cash awards by making three-minute “pitches” to a panel of judges and a community audience. SEED20 OnStage also includes a celebration following the presentations where the audience can interact and network with all twenty nonprofits to learn more about their missions and opportunities for support and engagement.

At last year’s OnStage event, Wells Fargo surprised each of the ten presenting nonprofits with an additional $5,000 award! The generosity of Wells Fargo proved to be the impetus for increased giving from the SEED20 audience, as all twenty nonprofits received substantive donations.

This year, SEED20 OnStage is on March 31, 2020, and tickets will go on sale December 5, 2019.

Click here to watch a special video looking back at the first 5 years of SEED20.