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Meet the SEED20 Class of 2019: The Investment Pathway (Program of Ada Jenkins Center)

Representative: Georgia Krueger

The Investment Pathway program pairs clients and staff to reveal root causes of economic challenges and develop goals for reaching economic stability. Wraparound support like education, workforce development, and medical and dental services help families in making progress toward these goals.

What is the focus of your organization?

Creating economic stability with our client-partners. We do this by working with the entire family in the Investment Pathway program to support them as they begin to articulate their dreams for a better future, unravel the root causes of their economic condition, build goals and a road to economic stability, all while providing a network (internally and externally) of services needed to support their journey.

How did your organization start?

It was created as a result of the recognition of the many needs in our community and the dearth of resources. The process was an ideal example of community development.

What is the issue you’re addressing?

Economic instability.

Where did your passion for this cause come from?

My passion started early in life. I remember being in elementary school and riding the bus home from school one day. I was sitting with my friend who happened, I now realize, to live in poverty and to be black. There was another student who was picking on my friend. It made me incredibly angry, so I punched them. Obviously not something I was supposed to do and served to get me kicked off the bus. The best part, other than the fact that they didn’t bother my friend anymore, was that my parents weren’t mad and supported what I had done because of the underlying cause. I have become more passionate as I’ve aged and been in this work longer. It challenges me to recognize my own bias and prejudice. I learn every day and find myself becoming more cognizant to very real injustices and the longtime societal “norms” that have created such great divisions in our country.

Why is your work so important?

We get the privilege of walking with people, of earning their trust, and building real relationships that support them as they reach their dreams of economic stability. Their progress toward stability leads to dignity and greater success. Seeing individual families move higher on the economic scale, the entire community become stronger.

What are you most excited for as it relates to the SEED20 process?

I believe the opportunity to learn from others is always a valuable resource! We often do not allow ourselves the space to learn, especially individually.

What have you already learned from this process?

I’ve already found a great resource for our client-partners in one of the other participants!

What do you hope to get out of SEED20?

New friends, new resources, and additional monetary support of our mission!


SEED20 Onstage is on March 25, 2019. Tickets available soon.

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