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Meet Our Winner: INTech Camp for Girls

INTech Camp for Girls is the winner of our second annual SEED20 Community Vote! For fourteen days, the community-at-large was invited to cast a vote of confidence for one of the organizations in the SEED20 Class of 2018! At SEED20 OnStage, we announced that INTech Camp for Girls was the winner of the $1,000 SEED20 Community Vote! We caught up with Khalia Braswell, founder of InTech Camp for Girls about her SEED20 journey. 

In January 2018, I quit my job at Apple to return to the city that raised me in order to drive INTech forward. The last piece of the puzzle of me deciding to move back to Charlotte was being selected as a SEED20 participant. For the past four months, I’ve received coaching from Pam Clifford, Bruce Nosinger, and Clay Shupak. After the 2nd coach night, we decided to toss my pitch and start over with a different angle. Well, it paid off! I made it to the Top 10 where I got to tell 900+ people in Charlotte all about INTech with hopes of taking home the $20,000 grand prize! While I didn’t win the grand prize, the prize I did win meant the most. We took home the $1,000 community vote award, which means our community, who means so much to me, voted for 14 days straight and RALLIED their friends to do the same. I couldn’t believe the response we received during the voting period, although I wasn’t surprised. You all are awesome and I couldn’t do any of this without our tribe. This one is for y’all. 


Be sure to listen to Khalia’s three-minute pitch about how INTech is transforming the technology sector for young girls of color here