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Meet Our Winner: ZABS Place

Voted on by all forty volunteer coaches from our community and twenty student ambassadors and young professionals from Davidson College who worked with the SEED20 Class of 2018, the $5,000 SEED20 Coaches’ Award is truly a special award! The coaching teams and nonprofits spend a lot of quality time together during the SEED20 journey – not only as individual teams but also as an entire group!  ZABS Place is the winner of the coveted SEED20 Coaches’ Award. We caught up with Bentzion Groner, Executive Director of ZABS Place, about his SEED20 experience. 

Experiencing SEED20 OnStage was the highlight of our year! Being recognized for work in the community is something that isn’t always a given for smaller nonprofits. SEED20 does just that. They find the people and organizations that are actually changing lives and they give them an opportunity to tell their story to an enthusiastic like minded crowd. Not to mention that it’s the biggest crowd some of us have ever seen!

Bentzion is right — this year’s audience was our biggest to date coming just shy of 1,000! Be sure to listen to Bentzion’s three-minute pitch about how ZABS Place is empowering young adults with special talents to realize their dreams here