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Meet Our Winner: 100 Gardens

Our dynamic judging panel — comprised of Jay Bilas, Corri Smith, and Jason Terrell — selected the $7,500 3rd Place Award Winner. We caught up with Sam Fleming, Executive Director of 100 Gardens, about the impact of winning at SEED20. 

SEED20 is the best “program” type of experience we have participated in. After doing accelerators and similar programs, I found this experience was the most focused and was a perfect fit for 100 Gardens and where we are as an organization. My coaches were extremely thoughtful, reliable, and truly gave me a lot of their time and energy. I couldn’t have asked for more!
Aside from the pitch, making new friends was the most powerful part for me. The quality of human that participated in this class is second to most in regards to character and love for one another.  I have made lifetime friends from this! The $7,500 funding from the third place prize is going to help us fill in so many gaps. For example, there are always $1,000 to $2,000 expenses that are necessary and crucial to our mission, but are easy to put on next year’s to do list. We can now go ahead and make all these moves and really advance the quality of our mission.

You won’t want to miss Sam’s three-minute pitch about how aquaponic is innovating education and saving the environment here