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SEED20 By the Numbers

What is SEED20?
20 nonprofits are selected based on their innovation and potential for sustainable impact.
weeks of mentoring, coaching, and collaboration help them learn how to tell their story in a compelling and concise way.
60 coaches share their time, insight, and expertise with the SEED20 participants.
On April 16th:
10 finalists will get up on stage at the Knight Theater to make their pitch.
minutes is all they have to present how they are making Charlotte a better place. No notes, no props, no visuals.
46,000 dollars in prize money will be given away by Social Venture Partners.
900+ members of the audience will vote for the $20,000 Wells Fargo People’s Choice Grand Prize!
You will want to be in that audience — so buy your tickets for ONE. Inspiring. Night!
After you get your tickets, show your support because… 
1000 dollars is up for grabs in the SEED20 Community Vote. Take a minute and vote for one of the inspiring nonprofits in the SEED20 Class of 2018:! #VoteEveryDayfor1k.


Tickets to SEED20 OnStage are available here