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Meet Our Judge: Jason Terrell

Jason Terrell, co-founder of Profound Gentlemen and last year’s SEED20 Wells Fargo People’s Choice Grand Prize Winner, will take the SEED20 stage again this year… as one of our judges! Since our ten finalists will only have three minutes to tell their story, we’ve given Jason three questions to get to know him! 

Advice for Individuals Starting Nonprofits: The most important thing you can do is tell your story and make the link between your story and your work. 

Best Kept Secret in Charlotte: Super G Mart on Independence Boulevard— It’s an international grocery store with the best produce, meats, and restaurants.

Favorite Judge: Mark Cuban from Shark Tank — he always provides very clear and measurable feedback.

Want to hear Jason’s award-winning pitch from SEED20 2017? Check it out here