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Meet Our SEED20: RunningWorks

Meredith Dolhare, founder of RunningWorks talks about her SEED20 experience. Since she only has three minutes to tell her story, we’ve given her three questions to share her reflections! 

A SEED20 Highlight: One of my favorite things about SEED20 is learning about the other social entrepreneurs and how they go about setting their ideas into motion for sustainability in the future.

Advice on Practicing a 3 Minute Pitch: Our RunningWorks team tolerates my practice rounds as does my American Bulldog, Faith. She sits on the windowsill and patiently listens giving a sigh and an eye roll every now and then.

An Unexpected Benefit of SEED20: I am an extremely passionate and excitable person, which bodes well in the nonprofit sector especially as a founder of an organization. However, in the same vein, I talk REALLY fast for those reasons—often without recognizing I am five sentences ahead of my listener! The feedback I have received has allowed me to slow down and lose the superfluous items that make my pitches hard to follow.

Be sure to check out Meredith’s one-minute video here and find out more about RunningWorks‘ “empowering, challenging community.”