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Meet Our SEED20: ZABS Place

Bentzion Groner of ZABS Place, talks about his SEED20 experience. Since he only has three minutes to tell his story, we’ve given him three questions to share his reflections! 

A SEED20 Highlight: It’s been great to meet so many amazing people in the SEED20 Class of 2018 and hear about their organizations and causes. They don’t just make noise or spread awareness. These people get their hands dirty in actually solving problems in our society.

Benefits of Coaching: Being coached is something I’m not used to. I’m usually the one coaching. It’s a breath of fresh air to have that kind of mentorship.

Impact of SEED20:  This has been an exciting and an unexpectedly fun process. SEED20 is a gigantic step forward to merging the nonprofit and for-profit worlds. Too often, there is huge divide between the way social ventures and typical businesses are run. There is so much these two groups can learn from each other.

Be sure to check out Bentzion’s one-minute video here and learn how ZABS Place is bringing about social good with a thrift boutique!