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Meet Our SEED20: Transcend Charlotte

Cole Monroe of Transcend Charlotte talks about his SEED20 experience. Since he only has three minutes to tell his story, we’ve given him three questions to share his reflections! 

A SEED20 Highlight: While I was nervous, I really enjoyed the first night of hearing everyone’s pitch. It’s great to see how supportive we are of one another!

Advice on Practicing a 3 Minute Pitch: I video myself over and over again because it makes me feel like there is an audience and it ensures that my energy level stays up as I practice. Bonus: I can watch later and take note of things I want to change.

How Has SEED20 Shifted Your Mindset: Participating in SEED20 has lit a fire in me to push our organization onward and upward. I actually noticed that I have much more confidence when speaking to others about Transcend Charlotte.

Be sure to check out Cole’s one-minute video here and find out more about Transcend Charlotte’s “supportive, safe, transformative” community.