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Meet Our SEED20: Project Safe Child

Project Safe Child is a new program of Pat’s Place Child Advocacy Center. We caught up with Pat’s Place Executive Director, Andrew Oliver, to hear about his SEED20 experience. Since he only has three minutes to tell his story, we’ve given him three questions to share his reflections! 

An Unexpected Benefit of SEED20: I’ve been so impressed by the collaborations that are already taking place in this class. It’s hard to believe that we’re already cementing new partnerships that will transform the service landscape in Charlotte. This class is filled with big thinkers who aren’t afraid to take action to change our community for the better!

How Has SEED20 Shifted Your Mindset: Project Safe Child is a pretty technical program and we’re unveiling it for the first time through SEED20. That’s an intimidating prospect – especially when you realize that you have just three minutes to lay out the need, propose your solution, and make the ask! Right now, I’m learning to embrace the “magic” that is SEED20; to be more accepting of feedback and intentionally structure this pitch so that every word hits the mark. I’m also embracing the sage-like wisdom of my coach, Landis Wade, who stresses “more nouns, less adjectives.” Good advice for anyone crafting a pitch or proposal! SEED20 is a labor of love, but I know it’s going to be worth the effort.

Who’s Hearing Your SEED20 Pitch: At this point, I’m really starting to feel sorry for my children, Lila (8) and Will (5). They’ve heard EVERY iteration of this pitch from start to finish in just about every conceivable setting. They’re a good audience though, especially if you’re able to look past the eye rolls…

Be sure to check out Andrews’s one-minute video here and learn how Project Safe Child proposes to transform child abuse prevention.