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Meet Our SEED20: Pop Up Produce

Amanda Zullo, founder of Pop Up Produce, talks about her SEED20 experience. Since she only has three minutes to tell her story, we’ve given her three questions to share her reflections! 

A Highlight of SEED20: The camaraderie and support! From the high fives and encouragement from our coaches, to the “I’m not alone in this” reassuring feeling of being a nonprofit entrepreneur (realizing everyone in our class is going through similar obstacles), to the “I can do this!” empowering feeling of going through the pitch exercises and presentation workshops. Also, the delicious dinners we share before our pitches are a great time to catch up with others before we start the coaching session.

How SEED20 Has Shifted Your Mindset: Going through the SEED20 process creates such a refinement tool for each one of us in how we, as nonprofit entrepreneurs, articulate our story. It’s not everyday you’re tasked to work on developing your public speaking skills, but it’s so needed. Words are powerful on paper, but this process forces you to realize words aren’t enough. You need to be able to speak those words with authenticity and purpose, so your audience can understand exactly what your organization is doing and where it is going, and how you need help.

Advice on Practicing a 3 Minute Pitch: It’s nerve racking presenting in front of a group of people, especially adults. I’m used to presenting to elementary school students. The tools and strategies I’ve gained from this experience have helped me to overcome my fear, to gain a new level of confidence, and to articulately craft the essence of our organization’s mission, impact, and direction. I’m so grateful for this experience!

Be sure to check out Amanda’s one-minute video and learn about Pop Up Produce’s mission to “Grow Food | Grow Community” here!