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Meet Our SEED20: Lorien Academy of the Arts

Michael Khoe, founder of Lorien Academy of the Arts, talks about his SEED20 experience. Since he only has three minutes to tell his story, we’ve given him three questions to share his reflections! 

A Highlight of SEED20: Meeting with my coaches for a Saturday prep session prior to the first pitch night. 

How SEED20 Has Shifted Your Mindset: I know that we are a pretty unique program, but being forced to articulate how we are “innovative” has made me think that it’s a piece of our programming that we have, perhaps, been underselling.

The Biggest Challenge So Far: I did not anticipate how truly challenging it would be to select (and cut) three minutes worth of content for my pitch.

Be sure to check out Michael’s one-minute video and learn about Lorien Academy of the Arts is “Cultivating Upward Creativity” here!