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Meet Our SEED20: Shakespeare in a Chair

We caught up with Mark Williams, founder of Shakespeare in a Chair to hear more about his SEED20 experience. Since he has three minutes to tell his story, we’ve given him three questions to share his reflections! 

3 Words to Describe Shakespeare in a Chair: Collaborative. Emerging. Innovative.

Impact of SEED20 Coaching: Everyone involved with SEED20 is sincere about wanting my program to succeed. It’s a great benefit to collaborate with a wonderful group of coaches, each willing to leverage their knowledge and business acumen. I appreciate the extra time my coaches have invested in order to make sure I’m as prepared as possible. 

Unexpected Place to Practice a 3 Minute Pitch: My coaches and I recently meet at the upper level balcony at Whole Foods, where I practiced my pitch in front of the other diners. It was a little noisy, but while there, I overcame my fear of heights!

Be sure to check out Mark’s one-minute video here and learn why he chose Shakespeare to engage and inspire youth!