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Meet Our SEED20: INTech Camp for Girls

We caught up with Khalia Braswell, founder of INTech Camp for Girls to hear more about her SEED20 experience. Since she only has three minutes to tell her story, we’ve given her three questions to share her reflections! 

A Highlight of  SEED20: I’ve loved getting to know the other nonprofit leaders. I didn’t know about the SEED20 Alumni Network. I’m excited about getting involved with that. 

How SEED20 Has Shifted Your Mindset: I’ve realized that there are people who really care about social entrepreneurship and it’s a very viable career option.

Advice on Practicing a 3 Minute Pitch: I’ve found that the best way for me to craft a pitch is to turn on my audio recording, talk it out, act as if I’m pitching, stop where appropriate, keep what I like, write my ideas a bit, and repeat. For my first pitch draft, I had approximately seven recordings.

Be sure to check out Khalia’s one-minute video and learn why Khalia founded INTech Camp for Girls here!